Portakabin Ltd, who fabricated and awash adaptable buildings, endemic the Benelux barter mark PORTAKABIN for appurtenances in Classes 6 (metal buildings, locations and architecture materials) and 19 (non-metal buildings, locations and architecture materials). Portakabin BV was its accessory and licensee of this mark. An different company, Primakabin, awash and let new and buzz adaptable buildings, both its own and those fabricated by Portakabin. Using Google's AdWords referencing service, Primakabin chose the keywords ‘portakabin’, ‘portacabin’, ‘portokabin’ and ‘portocabin’, representing Portakabin's name and three popular mis-spellings of it. Originally, the heading of Primakabin’s ad, which appeared once one of those words was entered into the search engine, was ‘new and used units’. Later Primakabin changed this to ‘used portakabins’.

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