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A sweet surprise

Hello all.  I received a package in the mail from a reader wanting to help me remove my errors without using duct tape!  She sent this darling little two pocket pouch with these perfect little tweezers, and this fabulous laying tool.   It's so smooth that I kept holding it and rubbing it like a worry stone!  Remember those?
Without a local shop, as many of us, I never saw these tools and she was gracious enough to write a little note with beautiful handwriting (yes!) about these tools being so helpful.  Thank you again Carole!  We meet some wonderful people blogging, don't we?   
I finally came up with some relief for my wrist.  See this swollen bump?  This entire side is killing me and radiates up the arm.  The brace they keep giving me immobilizes the thumb which is not helping one bit.  I need to stabilize the opposite side.  Long story short, I did my own thing and turned the brace around.  It worked.  I can't move the wrist to the left and that stopped the pain.  My thumb is now free and can bend to hold a piece of linen, and although wearing it backwards is not comfortable at all, it certainly helps.

  Now for another decision that I'm pondering.  Glass?  No glass?  My latest frame will come in with museum glass but after seeing another display of the product, it will still reflect my windows.  I had a talk with the local framer and we discussed the glass debate.  Many of her customers frame without, and the majority of the antique pieces she got in, never had glass.
I'm tired of seeing the curtains and windows instead of the samplers.  (And that old chandelier I need to sell.) That's Fanny taped over the reflection as a little test.  Then I removed the glass from a framed piece and really liked it.  Such a different mood and look!  Texture, no reflections, clarity.  I'm thinking.... what the heck?  I'll keep the glass, marking and wrapping each individually, and have the option of returning it to the frame if I change my mind.   I have many pieces that are cupboard tucks, little pillows, sewing bags, box lids.....I wasn't worried about them, and they would certainly get more dust than a vertical piece.  I can't picture Margaret's or Glenna's samplers without glass, and after all these years, I'm a little uncomfortable thinking that mine will look unfinished.  But I'll try it.  The framer recommends the canned air dusters be used every couple months and no direct sun, which wouldn't be a problem.  She also told me that the film collecting on the inside of the glass is actually off-gases from the styrofoam, certain mats, types of threads, even the unsealed wood edges. 

 I asked her for a discontinued frame sample that I could use to check my mounting margins.  Wasn't that a long overdue good idea?  What a great help this will be.  Next visit I will ask for a straight piece she has no use for to help with long edges.

One more thing.  I happened to notice my followers have reached 400.  May not stay at that number because I lose a few every once in a while.  But thank you.  Really.  Thank you!   I have a lot of decisions to make this weekend.  One of them will be whether I should have another thank you offer.  Of what?  Hmmm.
I'll be back tomorrow after drawing a name for the charts.  I see that some of you are interested in one design but I originally stated that they are one offer so I'm sorry I can't separate them.
Thank you to all followers, new and old, and for everyone taking the time to visit.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate your interest.

A few Santa charts for you

Hi everyone.  Since I can't stitch right now, I thought I would go through charts to find a few projects to kit.  I came across some older Christmas designs that I know I will never stitch and wondered if someone would be interested.  Leave your name on this post and if more than one are interested, I will draw a name this Saturday. 
 All five are one offer.

Merry Old Santa
Leisure Arts

Debbie Mumm
Country Noel

Susan Fouts
Homespun Holiday
Perforated paper or fabric

The Jolly Company

Homespun Sampler
Angels Among Us
Perforated paper and fabric

That's all for now!
Leave your name if you're interested and have a great week.


Lydia's finale and Wool

Hiya.  How is everyone enjoying the weekend?  I'm freezing and needless to say, not happy.  I'm slowly organizing and trying to get finished pieces in permanent places.  My husband still thinks Fanny Erb should be on the basket, but I have her mounted and ready to go.  France F (in the header photo) will not be moved, but Lucy will definitely be framed,  Fanny is now up in the air.  Maybe if I hemstitch her edges or line her it would change my mind. 

The pouch finish I had for Lydia just wasn't coming to me and fabric is difficult to find for DMC color 3021, so she ended up as a small pillow and I'm OK with that.  Easy to move her around.

Just in case I decide to frame her later, I didn't trim the linen, and with its heft, didn't need interfacing.  Whenever I do this, I use Craft Fleece (not batting) like this.
To compensate for the excess seam allowance bulk, I lay a piece of this against the back of the stitched piece, and fold the fabric over it.  It just helps a little with concealing.  Before I do this, I press the excess to the center and fold the corners over one another.  Once turned, I stick my hand in and make sure the folds are flat.

To prevent the batting from grabbing on to the fleece and moving it when inserting, I lay a sheet of paper over it, slide the batting in, and then pull the paper out.  Once again, showing you things you already know.  And yes,  I glued her shut!  I'm loving this glue method.  I don't know if other fabric glues are as easy to use as Liquid Stitch, but it's very tacky and doesn't take but 30 seconds of holding for it to grab, yet you can pull open and adjust for several minutes.  Only a tiny line is needed and I sometimes use an artist brush or Q-tip.  Now for Wool. 
I finally found the misplaced chart, stitched, and sewed.  This linen is also very stiff and no interfacing was needed.  Tough color to match so I used a black with brown print.  The ivory threads were Medici wool, and I changed the stars on the right to 642 and a gold that I dyed.  Just wanted a little color and saw gold as a good choice. 

I plan on doing the companion chart but haven't decided which linen, and whether I will use the black or gray Medici instead of floss.

When I trim a seam allowance and clip the corners, I always add Fray Check to the inside as a precaution.  I've made too many mistakes when sewing and don't want to worry about a corner raveling if I need to remove machine stitches. 

I used the thickest batting, which I always bevel cut so it doesn't bunch, and those excess cuttings are stuffed into corners.  I sometimes add a much smaller piece to the back, which pulls up the backing fabric so I don't have it showing at the seam.  Doesn't always work on softer pieces but this baby is stiff. 
I haven't been reading too many blogs recently, and need to apologize for not replying to comments.  Something happened to my left wrist a week ago and my store bought brace with Advil, isn't helping.  It's getting worse and typing is very painful, as is holding a piece of fabric to stitch.  To be honest, anything I do is painful!  I'm starting to get shooting pains even when it's stationary so I need to lay off everything for a week and use the bigger brace - another reason I tried to get these projects done now.  Doc appointment isn't for a week.  Maybe this down time will help me make a decision on the kitchen which is narrowed down to two choices.  I prefer one for layout, but am not happy with the doorway having to be in a bad position in the adjoining room.  So anyway, I'll be back next weekend or maybe sooner.  Have a great week - stay safe - thank you so much for visiting with me!

A light of a different color

I was at Hobby Lobby picking out a frame (again) and decided on a very wide pumpkin color with black veining for Eunice.  Quite a departure from the black profile I had planned.  I fell in love with it and hope it will look spectacular.  I really like the wider frames with small pieces but Eunice isn't that small so we'll have to wait and see.  Unfortunately, they order frames on Tuesday and the delivery is Friday afternoon so I won't see it until the 28th.  Fanny and Lucy will be framed locally because their selection is not stellar and I couldn't find a wood tone that made me dance.  I checked into the museum glass since all my samplers reflect curtains, windows, and anything else BUT the stitching.  It looked great, until I looked sideways.  I saw the ceiling lights and the paper on the counter reflecting.  Straight ahead - beautiful!  Side, not much different than the regular and that is the angle of the sampler wall.  I can change that order and may since it's a smaller sampler, just to try it out.  If it works, (doubtful on that wall), I may change my old pieces, one by one.  You can use their 40% coupon on the museum glass.  But here's what shocked me.  Lucy came along for the ride (unmounted after her dryer incident) and as she lay on the counter, I couldn't believe what I saw.  I don't know if the photos will show it, since it isn't as noticeable in my home, but take a look at this.
Under their lighting, I noticed areas of the gold thread that were actually VERY green.    I tried to replicate the lighting at home but I'm not getting the shade as definitive as I saw it.  The DMC #420 skeins in my floss bag were both started, looked exactly the same, and I obviously was just pulling as I went.  Not a noticeable difference by eye, but certainly by light source.  Many areas started as gold and finished a greenish gold.  The framer noticed it right away.  You can see the initial M is green and the F beneath it gold.  I'm not changing anything within the body of the sampler but will certainly change the border.  You can see the left photo in natural light is perfectly fine!!  But under certain lights, huge difference!  Mark said since it looks the same in our home, leave it alone.  But who knows what kind of light bulb we will be forced to use in the future.  All fluorescent?  LED?  Halogen?  I'm not taking the chance, and if Lucy didn't tag along, I would never have known.  Lesson learned.  I have so many floss skeins started and some bags have 10 skeins in them, usually purchased at the same time, but this little episode will change that.  Here's two more.  You can see the MH is more greenish than the FH beneath it under flourescent, but not on the left.  Still doesn't show as prominently and from my testing, I think it's the fluorescent that changed it.   Halogen did not.

I'm anxious to get back to Pumroy and didn't think I showed you the Pearl Gray dip difference.  I used 1/8 tsp. in a cup of hot water and added a few crystals more as I went along.  Better to start with less and keep it dipped longer.  The very bright yellow turned a greenish shade so I will sub that one.  Still not sure which will work, be dipped again, or subbed.
Here's a photo of them on white background next to the original color.
I wasn't happy with the 1871 pin pillow - just too nice and neat.  So I spilled coffee on it, dabbed it with the wet grounds, scrunched it in my hand to wrinkle, and GG Patti - if you would like it - it's yours.    There I go again.  Giving you a stomach ache hearing this?   Yes I'm a little rough with some things but that's my style!  I have two tables from my mom (Italian provincial I think) with marble inlays and I can't handle it!!  Give me a beat up piece of old wood.
Thank you for your concern over my gums and pain.  Handling it just fine!  Summer ending hurts a lot more.  About the heart box and tray - heart weighs 2# and tray is almost 4# from zip code 16159.  If you're interested in purchasing, just go to USPS to get an idea of the rate for the package weight to your location.
That about wraps up this episode of what the hell is she doing now.  Sorry I made some of you cringe at Lucy in the dryer.  Have a wonderful and safe weekend!
Thank you for taking the time to visit and I'll talk to you soon. 

A failed challenge

Hiya.  Thanks to everyone who has been so thoughtful to help me with the threads.  I've learned a lot and I appreciate your help!   I have another little finish to show.  Little.  Did you all see Lori's Notforgotten Farm's freebie challenge?  You can find it here.  As soon as I saw the design, I pictured it stitched on a tan linen and applied to (or bound) by a black/tan check homespun.  The finished piece would be sewn or safety pinned to a black t-shirt or sweatshirt.  I failed. 
I got through the 18 and thought - I don't have a black top (from years of yellow Labradors).  So I just finished the date and made it into a little pinkeep.  You know the odd shade of DMC's 830's, kind of brown with olive.  I was surprised to find a fabric that coordinated well even though the photo doesn't show it.  I told my husband that this is the reason to continually buy fat quarters of every color.  When I go to the quilt shop I'm worse than a kid in a candy store.  When he asked if I really needed 100 fat quarters just for a 3" x 4" piece, I knew he still didn't understand.  I asked him why he needs four sectioned storage boxes with plastic worms of every color, 6 hook sizes, split shots, sinkers, bobbers, lures, Mister Twisters, bobber stops, floating jig heads, and the sparkly chartreuse and orange crazy thing that doesn't even look like a known species, just to go fishing for a few hours.  And do you really need a complete set of irons for golf?   Buy one iron, hit it softer for close shots and harder for distance.  Get an average degree and turn the club face to compensate for loft.  Or bend a little more contorting your shoulder downward.  There's no reason to have a choice, right?  One should be enough? 
I have Fanny and Eunice ready and waiting for the trip to the framer, but Lucy.....that Lucy.  The design area is around 20 x 21 and I was very close to finishing her mounting when I realized one side was stretched too much (from stitching) and if I stretched the mount, it wouldn't leave enough to clear the rabbet.  There was just too much fabric and the other side was perfect.  So I took her apart, spritzed lightly with water, and threw her in the dryer.  I'll bet this makes some of you squeamish along with gluing seams shut!  I knew from all the dyeing I did that she would return to square or even shrink a little.  She did.  Both.  So I need to start over.  Joy has been helping me with tips and I found a YouTube video that instructs on lacing your needlework.  Lucy is way too big, I need to start with a smaller project.  If anyone is interested in watching this lacing method, the video is here.
The name drawn for Stella's chart was stitchinPeanut.  I visited her blog Peanut's Place for the first time and like it!

That's all folks.  Sucking down the Advil after periodontal surgery on one side and an extraction of the last molar.  Not as bad as I expected!   I just caught a glimpse of something - my deer is wanting her bread so she is looking in the side window!!  She must really be hungry!!   I have the heart box and tray packed and weighed and I will post the weights next time so you can figure the postage in case you are contemplating purchasing one.
Thanks for visiting - stay safe - talk to you soon.

A little finish and a lot of threads

Hi fellow stitchers.  Thanks for all the comments on the new stash.  A few readers mentioned that they would love to see them finished.  Me too.  I didn't need any more charts, that's for sure, but I liked them and was afraid when they are gone, they're gone forever.  Just couldn't take that chance, especially for $5.  So does that make me a cheap chart hoarder? 
I happened to find this little free chart from Pineberry Lane while searching for their Wool design that I misplaced.  I took the photo of the chart for the prior post to show where I erred and ..... well, you know the rest.  It's close.  I can feel it.
I used a dark red star print for the back and felt it was too small for the envelope closure so I left the short end open instead of the bottom.  Used my trusty Liquid Stitch to close the seam and then attached the bells.  I like them on the corners too and may change it, but when displaying in a bowl you can't see them on the bottom.  I shouldn't have used two strands on the end finishing and may re-do that too.  Why not just do the whole damn thing over????  I tried something a little different when using the glue closure and I like the change.  Instead of pressing the hem to the inside and then filling, I pressed to mark the hem, but didn't turn it in until the filling was in place.  Folding the hem OVER the filling allowed the stuffing to be more even, and the glue was only on the inside hem, not through two layers of fabric since the stuffing is between the outside fabric and the inside hem.  You know what I mean?  Moving on. 

I found these threads (again) and really don't know what to do with them.  I like the reds and will keep those for Santa, but what are these mostly used for? 
Some of it is so tightly twisted and thick, are they to be separated or not?  Wildflowers looks like it should be used as one strand but I have no idea what type of design calls for these threads.  Lots of flower thread.  Why? 

These wool/silk blends are foreign to me too.
I love the red in the Needle Necessities, but what they heck is this thick blue stuff?
I visited Caron's website for info but the photos will not open.  Maybe tomorrow (after gum surgery) I'll take some time to read about their threads to see if I can use any of them.  That's enough confusion for one day.  I still haven't planned the kitchen and it will be September in a few weeks.  Ouch.  That even hurt to say it.  I'm putting the few names that are willing to give Stella a home in a bowl and will let you know next post whose name was drawn.
Thanks for visiting.  Have a great week and stay safe!
p.s.  I just noticed that my Dannon Oikos is only 5.3 oz.!  I thought it was 6 oz. like Chobani which is in the same container.   I need to pay more attention as a consumer.

New stash ~ Stella's looking for a home

Hi everybody.  I received my R+R Reproductions order from Homespun Samplar and thought you might like to see what I got.  I took the Lightbox feature off so photos should open and enlarge if you want to see a close up of any chart.   I don't like the black screen option and if you want to change yours, go to Dashboard, Settings, Formatting, and scroll down to Showcase ..... Lightbox.  Choose No. 
Bye bye black screen.

Cross, straight, eyelet, and chain stitches in Thankful. 142 x 198 stitch count.
Cross, half, Algerian eye and some over one.
 Ann's verse is "O sweet Jesus who was so good even to those who were so wicked that for the very same parties who did crucify thee thou didst pray unto thy Father saying Father forgive them for they know not what they do." 152 x 279 stitch count.
The verse on Barnard is "Diligence industry and proper improvement of time are material duties of the young.  Sincerity and truth form the basis of every virtue.  Time once past never returns." 271 x 101
 Cross, over one, rice, and smyrna stitches.

Rebecca's stitches are Cross, Rice, Long armed cross, Eyelet, Satin, and Herringbone. 240 x 116  Looks like these colors may need a Pearl Gray dip!


Flora includes Cross over one, Rice, Eyelet, and four-sided. 90 x 209

And the petite Dorothy (who was 24 years old when she stitched this) has Cross, Four-sided, Long-armed cross, and Herringbone, with hem stitched edges.  She is to be stitched on 35 count with silk threads.  65 x 109
I haven't found a conversion to DMC so I looked up the AVS colors, most are very pale and similar, and I may just pick my own.
Could you believe I got all of these for a total of $31?
These charts are so wonderful to use.  Very large easy to read charts with multiple pages and clear instructions.  But did the young snots really have to use all those stitches?  What's wrong with the basic cross?  Yes I know they were learning, and in order to become proficient they needed to practice and include these attractive stitches.  I'm not practicing or trying to impress a man so I may just go with the basics.  I haven't fully read the charts and if the areas involved are small, it could be fun.  Let's hope so!  Thank goodness I'm almost finished with this post because I am soaked and ready to run outside.  Flashes have been really bad again but my mammoslam was benign so ~ I'll accept the soakings without complaint.  Even though they are still frying my brain.  Today I put a bag of sunflower seeds in the critter treats and when my husband asked why, I said they were expired.  The date on the bag is Oct 10 2012.  ????  WHAT???
See something you'd like to stitch?  Homespun Samplar still has a very nice selection of these oldies.

Remember Stella's Brooms 'n Brellas from Fanci That?  I was going to stitch her without the bottom element, and realize now that I won't.  Anyone interested?  If you would like to have Stella broom her way to you, let me know in a comment here.  If more than one, I'll pull a name from a hat and send her along to her new roost.
Thanks for watching show and tell.
Hope your week starts splendidly!
Thank you for visiting.

Winner and loser

Hello!  Hope your weekend is going well.  Random selected a name for me and it is Anonymous Barbara.  I looked up the Anonymous entries and Barbara left her email address - thank you!!  I'll be sending a note asking for your address and will mail your boxes Monday morning.  Thank you everyone for participating.  I was feeling bad that I only had one offer so know how that guilt thing goes.  I may have to go get another box or something.  I really appreciate all of you wanting these little boxes of mine so I may have to get busy.  Now for the loser....
ME!!!  While I was deciding on a sampler, I thought I would knock out Pineberry Lane's Wool Pinkeeps.  A wonderful stitching bud gifted me with a piece of the 18th Century Rook linen and I am using Medici wool for the thread.  I found skeins of ecru, gray, and black and I think it's appropriate for this Wool design.  So take a look at what I stitched.. and then look at the actual chart.
Putz.  Pure putz.  I stitched the two W arms with the two stitch row NEXT to the left one instead of UP!  I looked at this chart over and over and why I did this, I haven't a clue.  One long look and I thought - holy cow that's one big W!  Good thing I caught it now!  It wasn't easy removing this wool thread but duct tape removed the fuzz and I'm starting over.  I am having a problem with the linen and will try to show it here.   One side of the linen is darker and more aged looking than the other but do you see a difference in the weave?  The one on the right (which I am stitching on) appears to be a honeycomb and the other side (left photo) looks like what I am used to seeing.  I'm having a heck of a time but like the darker side.  Never saw this before and maybe it's just me!!

We finally had rain and it's cold here - I'm not a happy camper.  But my portulaca paint can pots finally bloomed! 

Tomorrow I will be posting all the new charts from R&R.  Have a great Sunday!  Thank you again for participating and visiting!
Talk to you soon.


make the t shirts from here

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