To Salt or not to Salt

Since I have been volunteering, I have discovered that it is not just us amateur cooks who sometimes mess things up.  You have no idea how good it made me feel to see a tray of overdone cookies.  Over the years I have had several 'oops' moments. 

One of the worst was two-days spent baking bread and then throwing it in the trash.  Not that I had  performed any of the techniques wrong.  Instead, I forgot to add the salt to the dough. 

Since salt will kill yeast action, I usually weigh the salt and set it aside until I have started mixing and then add it.  Well, even though it was right there on the counter, I just forgot to do it.  When I tasted the cooled bread, I rolled my eyes and said 'Yuck'.  And almost immediately spotted the salt.  The bread went into the trash and I can assure you I have never made that mistake again.  Alton Brown mentions making the same mistake in his book.

One day, while volunteering, I was assigned the task of preparing the mashed potatoes.  Since the hospital is health conscious, they do not add salt.  Another 'yuck'.  Might as well eat paste. 

Salt is a necessary component of good tasting food.  Which brings me to the reason for my comments on using it.  A state assemblyman in New York wants to ban the use of all salt in restaurants.  Sure sounds like a good reason not to eat there.  I love this quote:  Tom Colicchio, star of "Top Chef" and owner of Craft, "Anybody who wants to taste food with no salt, go to a hospital and taste that," he said.

Oh, how right he is.  While I eat in the cafeteria at the hospital, they at least put salt on the tables.  I do not do that at home, ever.  But if you are not going to cook with it, you will have to do something to bring out flavor.

Enough of lawmakers deciding what we should eat and how much.  No salt, no trans-fat, no sugar, more fiber.  There are somethings that we just need to decide for ourselves.  Like I tell my guests:  Stay out of my kitchen unless I ask for help.  Thank you very much.

Tanks for 5

I'm sure most of you girls out there would agree with me that tank tops are staple clothes; as much as rice is our staple food. Being such a lazy bum as I am, on hot lazy days I would throw on a tank top and a pair of shorts, and I'm ready to go out for my ang dao pengs (ABC/Cendol). So, the question is, where to get cheap tanks? Well good news for everybody because Tanks for 5 are indeed selling their tanks for RM5! FIVE RINGGIT! Can you believe it?

They've got plain tanks:

...and so much more. And everything costs RM5 each.

Hold gets cheaper..they're currently having a special promotion.
Purchase 10 pieces, get 5 pieces free. Let me calculate...hmm..that means each would cost approximately RM3.33! O_O What are you waiting for?

Steal the Look: Gossip Girl

Most of my friends would know that I am a die hard gossip girl fan, and one of the main reasons is their unbelievably trendy outfits in the series. Never a day would I tire of watching the gowns, party dresses, sequined tops, colorful tights, blazers and etc. go down the gossip girl runway, so to speak. Every episode is like fashion show and one could wonder how will we be able to imitate their impeccable taste. AS they say, imitation is the best form of flattery. So for this post, I will try my best to scrounge the blogshops out there to find y'all the best combination of outfit that would scream or hopefully at least *whisper* gossip girl! :P

For the first look I am drooling at is one of Blake Lively portraying Serena on location. However, the only piece of apparel which I managed to find is the top she is wearing. Presenting.......

In this picture, hopefully by squinting, you can see the graphic tee that Serena is wearing which to me looks slightly like paint splatter, but in a flattering way. I love the combination of the tee, sequined blazer and skinnies with ankle boots! You can just purchase this similar tee from PoppyGarden for just RM 14!! Is that a steal or not?

Blair Waldorf is another fashion icon in gossip girl and is well known for her preppy looks coupled with headbands of various designs. Other than her good-girl looks, she is also famous for her designer clothes. Cost a bomb but do not fret, I have managed to scrounge up a look which 99.9 % resembles what Blair was wearing...

The dress worn by Blair is directly off the Herve Leger runway and its the iconic bodycon dress which is all the rage these days. A similar version can be seen in Buttons and Biscotti for RM 59 as compared to an original which will probably be in the 4 digits range.

I'm sure all of you have the notice the transition of trends to include the nautical theme and Gossip Girl has been ahead of the blogshop scene in this trend by having the sailor inspired dress in one of their earlier episodes. ThePopLook offers a similar dress in the same navy blue shade and sailor collar. One of my absolute favorite styles as it has this hint of vintage.

And here's Serena's famous grecian white dress which was worn during the episode which the White Party was held. I always said to myself that this would be the dress that I will wear for my engagement pictures...hahaha *in dreamland*. A more casual and short version was available in ClothesBucket. Although its not longer available I just thought its too gorgeous to pass up

So that's all from me for my Steal the Look post. Hope all you girls enjoyed it and stay tuned for more. If you like, you can even email us at for suggestions for any Steal the Look posts and we will try to oblige if the proper resources are available *winks*

Steal the look: Lee Hyori

Hi all, we're back with another steal the look post. And for a KPOP fan, who a better idol to emulate than Lee Hyori. I LOVE Hyori. She's hilarious and completely down to earth. Yes, i know i don't know her so who am i to pass along that judgment right? But anyone who watches Family Outing will find it hard to not like her. I mean she's the top female idol in Korea and yet she does things like these:

"Fashion show" in one of the episodes of Family Outing. Her concept is that of a naughty school girl
Her wrestling with Ha Ji Won in another episode of Family Outing
She and Jaesuk as well as with Daesung makes the best combo ever!!! Sigh, I really miss watching them on Family Outing. Oops. Enough about me reminiscing over a now cancelled show and on to fashion

I bet those unfamiliar with Lee Hyori probably thinks I'm completely out of my mind for wanting to emulate someone like her but this is what she normally looks like:

Hyori featured in a magazine spread
To be honest, I myself used to find it hard to believe that Lee Hyori is one of the hottest stars in Korea. The first time I saw hyori was in family outing. So in my mind she's the hyori pictured in the first two photos. But then, one day I was watching this award show, I think it was MKMF 2008, yes I know it's from eons ago but till now I still LOVE the outfit she wore and the performance (one of my fav big bang performance of all time).

Lee Hyori and BIG BANG at the MKMF 2008

Yes, the only reason I was even watching that performance was because of Big Bang, but hyori's outfit definitely caught my eye. This photo is from nearly 2 years ago but hyori is already rocking the liquid leggings look. I remember at that time, v, s and I were discussing that the liquid leggings look will probably never catch on in malaysia. Well fast forward 1 year and a half and suddenly 80% of malaysian girls own a pair of liquid leggings.

How to steal this look?

Well, one of my fellow girl, v has managed to achieve that. Haha. and all it took is:
a plaid blazer from Red Ocaso for rm 43 (It's from Nov so there's only the green one left. But v managed to grab a red one)

liquid leggings (you can find it at nearly every blog shop selling leggings). But for the sake of this post I'll just feature this one from an old flame (yes it's the same one in the SNSD post)

and a long white tank top (again, something that most probably have in their closet). So really the only thing you need to achieve the hyori look is a plaid blazer.

And here's our very own girl rocking the look:

Speaking of food

Every summer I love to smoke foods on my grill.  Seems like I can never find a bone-in pork shoulder when I want one.  While shopping Saturday, I found them in the store.  I bought one thinking I would freeze it.  When I got home, I decided just to cook it.  But since rain was forecast for Sunday, it was not likely I would be running in and out of the house.  I searched the internet for a method of doing one in a crock-pot, since I did not want my oven on all day. 

After reading several recipes, I came up with the following method.  It was certainly simple and very tasty.

Crock-Pot Pork Shoulder

1 pork shoulder, bone-in, about 5-6 pounds

Remove large piece of fat, if any, on outside of meat. Rub the meat with salt, pepper, Penzey's Adobo seasoning, and smoked paprika. You may wish to cut meat along natural sections and season well. Make sure it will fit in your slow-cooker.  Wrap in saran and let sit in refrigerator overnight in dish to contain any liquid that seeps out.

Remove from refrigerator about 30 minutes before cooking.

Place in slow-cooker, with a couple of roughly chopped onions, and 1/4 cup of water in the bottom.

Cover and cook on HIGH for 1 hour. Turn to LOW and cook 6 to 8 hours longer, until very tender. During cooking you may want to remove liquid that accumulates, not all, so as not to stew the meat instead of braising it.

Remove roast and discard fat and juices from pot, leaving about one-cup juice and melted onions. Shred the pork with two forks.

Mix enough barbecue sauce into the juice in pot to season meat. (I used Sweet Baby Ray's 18 oz. size). Add pork back to pot and stir. Adjust seasoning.

Cook for about 10 minutes longer, until hot. Serve on warm split sandwich buns with coleslaw and extra barbecue sauce on the side.

Easter dinner - not the same old stuff

If your family is like many I know, you will know exactly what to expect for Easter dinner.  Growing up, the only difference in menu items for holidays depended on whether we ate at my father's parents (ham, Polish sausage, sauerkraut) or my mother's sister (roast chicken, polenta, green beans). 

Since I cook most of the family get-togethers, I had established a tradition of eating certain foods for each holiday, combining the Polish and Italian sides of the family.  Guess what?  It gets pretty boring for the cook.

A few years ago I started changing all that.  We've had Easter Brunch, a Greek food festival, Southern foods, whatever I was inspired to make.  This year will be no different, except that lamb again will be featured.

I never tasted lamb growing up because no one in the family liked it.  My first taste of lamb happened while I attended college.  Wayne's old medical school sat across I-375 from Greektown and occasionally we would wander over for lunch.  Gee, this tasted pretty good.  I began enjoying lamb.

This year I am looking for a bone-in leg of lamb.  I've already made my spinach raviolis.  Poached shrimp and vegetable dip for appetizers.  A nice light fennel salad and some asparagus.  No more of these 'food coma' holiday meals where we collapse after dinner and eat leftovers for a week.

Everyone seems to enjoy the simpler meals and I get to continually try new items.  The best part though is having my family here.  Definitely.

The Purl Shop

In line with us reviewing anything that tickles our fancy, i've decided to feature a pretty unique blogshop, the Purl Shop. Why do i say it's unique? Well, for several reasons:
1. Everything in the shop is handmade. I LOVE hand crafted things.
2. The blogshop is based in australia. But hey, they do international shipping!!

They sell a lot of amigurumis. For those who don't know, amigurumis are knitted stuffed toys. Some of the amigurumis you'll see on the site are:

Tell me you don't find these completely adorable

But they do sell wearable items as well like this floral head piece

And they even take requests. So if you're thinking of a unique and special present for a special someone, i think the Purl Shop will definitely have something great to offer.


I am proud to present's all time favourite blogshop: Ladiesfash!

Definitely our favouritest place to grab cheap but good stuff. For me (v) and h..this is where we had our very first online shopping experience, and the good service that we encountered is what led to our crazy and growing obsession with online shopping. We've bought countless of times from them and each time was a memorable experience; Kate's really friendly, efficient and patient.

They've just recently updated with a bunch of stuff...and there are some things that caught my eye.

Maxi-lovers alert! They're back with more wooden maxis! If I'm not mistaken...this is the 3rd round they've restocked this. Definitely means something, doesn't it? They do have the shorter version but I'm not sure if they're still available. But here's something similar:

Jordin babydoll in white this time round! So very tempting!! They've got another similar one but the lace part at the back is slightly different, and I personally prefer this one because it is less revealing. Of course, those braver ones can opt for the other design.

Look at the lacey details made oh-so-clear with the black lining underneath. They've got lotsa other lacey stuff too. Too much to review I can't choose argh. haha.

I love them dual-tone dresses!!!! One of my favourite outfits to uni, paired with ankle leggings...casual but fashionable.

Sexy casual halter perfect for the Malaysian weather.

They've got soooo much other goodies..ranging from casual to formal...for a casual day out, for the workplace, and for formal events! And don't say I didn't warn you: Ladiesfash has got LOTS of customers (I mean lots!!), and some stuff gets sold out within you better have your kiasu spirits ready if you want your favourite colour or outfit.

The Spring 2010 Bento Contest

As most of you are aware of, the season of spring has just arrived! The flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, the rivers are flowing and the smell of... spring is here! =) And some of you may need to stock up on your anti-histamines too. [Remember that if you're doing work esp. dealing with vehicles and machineries please always ask for non-sedating ones!]

Anyways, back to my post...




I'm very excited to join this contest! I read about it from Just Bento a few days ago and started cracking my head, but never got around telling you this cause I had been so drenched in stress from uni work. I beg you to forgive me *bows 90 degrees*

Anyways, I had always been a fan of bentos! Firstly, IT'S SO FREAKIN' CUTE!!! How could you possibly eat it?!? And it's like a diet? Not in a way of limiting you from eating certain foods, but all in controlling our portions. So, not only it's visually tantalizing, it's also very healthy for you with the balanced nutrients in them... packed so compactly too *squeals*

Honestly, I have never got about making bentos because I'm lazy, I'm not a good planner, I like to procrastinate, I'm just a student staying in a rented place with limited utensils or more like a limited kitchen.... so, I thought I should have a try at this! I mean if you just look at the prizes to be won? It's very very tempting for someone like me. I decided to go with a bento which is healthy and easy to fix for even a poor student with a limited kitchen.

I figured I shall follow the contest details strictly as I'm a lousy planner and decision-making isn't really my forte.

  • Theme: Spring! I shall need to create a spring-themed, balanced and healthy bento which thank goodness does not have to be a charaben! Well, a simple-minded person like me could only think of blooming flowers to reflect spring.
  • Photo:
I submitted this photo! The only photo I took with flash... =P *hopes that it's clear*

The many angles I took without flash. =)

Whadcha think? A good photo of it or maybe... the photo just don't do it any justice cause my bento is da bomb! (Hahaha.. excuses I can come up for defending my very first bento)
  • Next, I needed to include a description. Let's see... few years ago, I cooked a japanese meal together with my bffs (of course, v and h were present) at my house. It was definitely memorable. I got complimented by v with my latent talent of flipping the egg. We misinterpreted the recipe for 3 cups of uncooked rice instead of 3 cups of rice? Ended up with a LOT of rice. Cause we doubled the recipe too.... yeah yeah laugh all you want =P. IT was my first time cooking omurice (omelette rice) and it was delicious. *blushes* I had great company too. Thus, unforgettable... and it makes me wonder when would be the next time we'll get to do it again? *sighs* Anyways, I suddenly thought of making omurice onigiris! omugiri? omu-omu? Hahahaha can't think of a suitable name for it. Hmmm.. then I could make one fully bloomed flower! Then, as it has to be a healthy bento... a salad is needed! I needed some greens too. Thus, the idea of the egg holding the dipping sauce (mayo) for the vege sticks around my omugiris. I'm really sure it's hard to tell from the photo and it was hard to take a photo of the process too xD So, I made this simplified diagram of the "centre of my flower! I hope it's understandable; I'm bad at drawing diagrams.

Well, I'll need to fix this diagram... i needed to cut the yolk into a flat circle instead... not much mayo could fit.. but hey! It's supposed to be a healthy bento, so say no to too much mayo! ^^

Hmm... is my description too long winded? Here's the summary, I made this bento thinking about my old friends for my lunch break. It's simple and pretty. Anyone can make it. It's yummy too besides being healthy.

[Oh yea, to those who are wondering what's omurice? You need to watch Lunch No Joou (Lunch Queen) It's a great jdorama! I mean look how it drove me and my friends craving badly for omurice and demiglass sauce?]
  • Since there is a limit: One entry per contestant, they had advised to take our time choosing our best creation. I really had. Doing this on the same day as the last day is just outrageous!
All that's left for me to do now is to put my hands together and pray for the best outcome of it!

Alice Wonders: The White Rabbit Hunt!!!

I think I've mentioned before that i love online competitions. well, since I'm feeling a little generous (yay to Easter break!!), I'm going to share with you all a little something.

well, here's the thing. i initially wanted to keep this as my own little secret. after all, the less people to know about this contest, the higher chances of me winning right?

but well, I've decided to be kind just this once. is organizing the white rabbit hunt once again. OK, is it just me or does everyone think of Alice in wonderland when they see Alice wonders and white rabbit in the same sentence?

Seriously, this is what i picture in my mind when i think of Alicewonders

oh wait, where was i?

Right, the white rabbit hunt. The rules of the game is simple. Hunt for the white rabbits. Yes, note the multiple. The goal of the game is to find as many rabbits as possible. The rabbits are all hidden amongst the products, which are all very nice btw. So far I've already spotted multiple items that i like. Like these:

So yea, the contest is starting from March 29th till April 4th so for uni students studying in Australian unis that's good news for us as we'll be having our Easter break then. and I'm starting to put the pieces together. i have no idea if it's a coincidence or what but a white rabbit hunt during Easter break? smart.

without having to attend any classes i can literally just sit in front of my computer the entire day to find each and every single rabbit. muahahaha. oh no, i just realized how big of a loser i sound like. i mean who spends their Easter break sitting in front of the computer. sigh. me apparently. but i don't care. I'm going to be the loser who wins the Rm 500 shopping spree. Yes, i didn't mistype. i forgot to mention the best part, the prize is a RM 500 SHOPPING SPREE. I repeat, RM 500 SHOPPING SPREE.

and the other great thing is as long as you join you will be a winner as they are giving out UNLIMITED Rm 5 vouchers for each rabbit found. when i say unlimited i actually mean each person is entitled to win up to a maximum of Rm 30 though.

If inexperience in this 'hunting' field, fear not! For you can practice those 'hunting' skills now, as for me, I'm all fired up for it *fiery eyes* Take part in the practice run and all you need to do is take a print screen that will look something as shown below and email the entry to Read more about it here for tips and more details.

So, let the hunting begin! And may the best one win.


I never watch TV news.  Seems to me they spend too much time talking about stuff I care nothing about.  A woman I know says she DVRs  the news and can watch an entire one-hour broadcast in about fifteen minutes.  Me, I read the papers or the online versions of same.  I easily skip over anything I have no interest in or cannot do anything about, and therefore, do not need to know about.  Call me small-minded or selfish, but I do not have an ulcer.

While perusing the online news this morning, I came across a story about a requirement to have sprinkler heads installed in new homes (at a cost of $8000).  I shook my head and moved on to the next craziness about a Catholic School barring the attendance of the children of a lesbian couple.  Enough.  I needed more coffee.

But then I started thinking about what my house would have been like if it had sprinkler heads when my three sons were growing up.  To give you an example of what it was like without them, let me mention a few experiences we had.

There was the water balloon toss in the family room while I was out shopping.  I walked in to 'squish, squish, squish' and had water dripping into the basement.  My oldest insisted it was one balloon.  (Yeah, I believe in the tooth fairy too).  So much for thinking he was old enough not to need a babysitter at all times.  He was also the youngster who thought it was a good idea to keep a frog in his desk drawer.  Right up until it got out and I spotted it hopping across the living room floor.

My middle son thought that swinging his tennis shoe around was cool, right up until the shoelace broke and the show went sailing into the foyer, hit the porcelain dragon, smashed it to bits, and scratched the mirror behind it.

Not to be undone by his older siblings, my youngest loved to argue about anything and everything.  He kept insisting that we had beavers in the creek behind our house and I kept telling him we didn't.  He proudly proclaimed one day that he would prove it to me.  While on the phone with a friend of mine, he waltzed into the family room with our big fishing net and struggling with a very large groundhog, big smile on his face and an 'I told you so'.  ARGHHHH!

Not that he got any better after the age of seven.  Just a few short years ago, in his mid-twenties, he managed to amaze me again.  I came home from work, walked into the kitchen, turned around and walked back into the family room and stared up at my cathedral ceiling.  There, near the peak, was a hole about three inches across.  On a side wall was a smaller hole that looked like someone had put a broomstick through it.  I shook my head and could not imagine what could possibly have happened.  So, I waited.

Eventually he showed up and as soon as I looked at him he said, 'I guess you noticed'.  DUH!  He explained that he lost control of the golf club while practicing his swing.  Don't even bother questioning why this happened.

These are the same boys who dismantled every pull-toy and electronic game to see how they were made.  So, think about having sprinkler heads, three very curious and very bright young boys, and mom out of the house for an hour.  It is truly amazing that I never got an ulcer.

A View from across the Pond

I have vowed to stay out of the health care debate on this blog, but I have decided to include this view from an attorney in the UK.  My first trip to the UK and Europe was in 1969.  Comments about the USA and their involvement in the Vietnam War were pretty negative.  Many Europeans that I've met in more recent years spend alot of time complaining about their high taxes and lack of services.  On a trip to Montreal there was a lot of complaining about their health care system.  For your perusal:

Angel Glory

Today i will be reviewing a blogshop which is a personal favorite of mine, Angel Glory. I purchased several items from them before and must boast their excellent service and quality. They have just had a massive updates on their blog with a ton of gorgeous looking apparels.

Here is one structured dress which to me emulates the Herve Leger signature bandage dress. This dress here can satisfy your need for a Max Azria design and you won't have to cash out $$$ to own this. Going for a reasonable price of RM 53 so better submit your order form fast as the silver's already been reserved.

Another great piece with impeccable workmanship and excellent detailing at the top. Sexy yet subtle polka dotted lace over a light gray bustier top. Suitable for any occasion. Selling for RM 50 and its still available!

If you're looking for something a little less formal and more laid back, they also have the classic boyfriend inspired shirt in store. Slightly unique in the design but a veeeryy good type of different, as is comes with a sash! It was love at first sight for me when i saw this piece. Don't waste anymore time girls, going for only RM 45 ;)

Here's a simple dress which to me oozes the classic Audrey Hepburn look with a little twist. The asymmetrical stripes at the bodice really catches the eye and only going for RM 49..*loves*

I can just go on and on about their new collection but before I get too long winded, here's the final piece for the review.

This ruffled piece i think is a piece de resistance of their collection as it stands out from the rest. It is both casual and formal. The picture speaks for itself ;)

That's all from me! Till the next post :P

Blogging for Me

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self. -

Cyril Connolly, author  (1903-1974)

I do not know how many of you watch 'Criminal Minds'.  I have friends who think it is way too gory, but I really enjoy it.  One of the features of the show that I really like is the quotations that are used at the end of the show.  The one above was used last night in reference to a 'goth star' who only ever wanted to just sing.

Way back when I started this blog (two months ago) I said I was doing it just for me.  And I am.  My goal was not to have a hundred followers.  I follow two blogs and have not signed up as a follower on either of them.  I do not have a Facebook page, do not Tweet, and have not become anyone's 'friend'.

Blogging, and even working, should be done for as much personal enjoyment as one can get out of it.  Otherwise, what is the point? 

As an aside, another of Connolly's quotes is : "Inside every fat man, there is a thin man struggling to get out."  Another topic for another day.

Peep into Fashion: A Flog

What's a flog you say? Well it's a fashion blog.

So, all us avid online shoppers, i'm sure it's pretty undeniable that we're all connected through our love for fashion.

we all have our own sense of style, our own sense of fashion. But let's be honest, how many of us would say that our fashion sense is dictated by what's in and hot, or what celebrities are wearing?

well, i for one can't deny that. our recent post on Steal the look: SNSD Black soshi is a clear indication that we like to emulate the hottest looks in Kpop.

To be frank, as much as i love fashion, i must admit that i know close to nothing about it. *epic fail*

Peep into fashion which is a fashion blog gives us a peep into the world of fashion (pun intended). The flog covers a range of topics like their favourite looks of the oscar (how sad is it that i have not seen a single photos from the oscar till i saw their post??? i seriously have been living under a rock these past few days). I especially love penelope cruz's dress.

The flog also discusses trends in the fashion world like plaid and animal prints, features on celebrities like lady gaga and designers like paul frank (I LOVE paul frank!).

Umm...but i must say the blogger is pretty quirky and has some pretty eccentric ideas. Their latest post is titled "Prostitution is a fashionable thing" and they style their photoshoot with the model depicting herself as a model with shots like these:

ummm??? let's just say that they're very successful in portraying a prostitute and i'll just leave it at that.

Accesories with a dash of sugar

I've got a thing for cutesy accesories..especially those adorned with ribbons ^^
Imagine my delight when I found these on La Dolce:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE each one of them. Look at the colours! Sorry the pictures I uploaded are a little grainy and don't do them cute stuff justice; check out the clear pics over at La them ribbons, really. I want all of them...

Yes I admit I probably sound like a crazy ribbon-maniac now, but I do like these too:

Another of my obsession; hearts.
(I don't know if it's a good or bad thing that I have so many obsessions)

These are really really pretty too.

I can't wait to shop at La Dolce! Check it out before I finish everything lol.

Who Left the Lights On?

I have lived in my home for almost 38 years.  Two sides of my house are mostly glass so I get a fair amount of daylight.  Unfortunately, with large rooms, even a wall of windows cannot brighten up a gloomy day in Michigan.

After many years of thinking about it, I finally installed a solatube light in the family room.  The fact that it qualifies for an energy tax credit helped.

I am just having trouble getting used to it.  The day after it was installed I came home late in the afternoon and cursed myself for leaving the light on.  Not.  It was the daylight coming in from the solatube.  Just now, when I walked out of the kitchen to come back to the office, I turned around to hit the light switch only to realize that the light was not on.  This has been repeated several times over the last few weeks.

My sister, who has these in her home, says I will get used to it.  Sooner, rather than later, I hope.

Too Clever with Words

I have mentioned before that I start my day with the New York Times Crossword in The Oakland Press.  I also end my day with a puzzle or two from a collection of books that Will Shortz has issued with NYT puzzles.  I am making up for lost time.

When I was at Wayne or working downtown and riding the bus, I would do the puzzle during the ride.  That all ended with the purchase of a car and then a move to the suburbs.  And no time for puzzles when you are home raising three boys.

I am always amazed at the cleverness of the puzzle creators.  Today was no exception.  If you do the puzzle in the Press, you know that puzzles in syndication run five weeks behind.  So, today's puzzle was run in the NYT on February 17.

The 'theme clues' were London Broil, Baked Alaska, and Roast Turkey.  Reading in circles around the puzzle clockwise you could spell out 'Global Warming'.  Here is a link to Rexword's blog and his solution.  I loved doing this puzzle.  I wish I was as clever.

Yesterday's theme was 'processed meat' with the letters 'aemt', rearranged to form the start of 'metamorphosis', 'mate for life', and 'team captain'.  I suppose you could say the puzzle was 'tame', but it was Tuesday after all.

You will notice a link to Rex Parker's blog on the left.  He is my source for explanations when I finish a puzzle and have no idea what the theme or some of the answers mean, usually on Friday or Saturday.  If you would like to see a movie about the crossword tournament, I recommend 'WordPlay'.  It will get you revved up to try a puzzle or two and fire up your brain cells.

Spring Cleaning - Part Two

My garage is done.  It is beautiful.  Well, it is clean and organized, so beautiful might be a stretch.  It makes you want to sit out there and admire it.  Too bad it is so cold.

The official temperature is 43 degrees.  If you have been near any shopping centers in the last four days, you would think it is 73 degrees.  Just look at the number of people out-and-about with no coat or just a light jacket.  They are shivering, but, hey, it's Spring.

When I worked at the hospital, one of my co-workers refused to wear a coat after the first day of Spring.  Didn't matter how cold or even if there was snow.  We would all shake our heads and roll our eyes, but she insisted that since it was Spring, you did not wear a coat. 

I totally ignore the calendar.  One year we had a fire in the fireplace during our Memorial Day party.  I remember as a child going up to Port Austin when school got out in June, only to have my parents decide to turn around and come back home because it was too cold.

On the other hand, there are times when Indian Summer in October requires the A/C in the house and times when I am still mowing the lawn at Thanksgiving.

Mother Nature does not have a day planner.  She more or less does what she wants, when she wants.  So, if she serves up 65 degrees one day and 35 the next, I'll just dress accordingly.

Steal their look: SNSD Black Soshi

Hi all. How many of you here are fans of KPOP? Well we are!

And one of our favourite is SNSD (yes, some of you may laugh but who can deny their charm and cuteness. ahahaha. epic fangirling). s is probably gagging now though.

So anyway, for those of you who actually follow KPOP news will probably know about SNSD's new concept for their new release. And their new look is HOT!

But you know what, when i first saw the photos I had this thought "doesn't the clothes all look a little familiar?"

Well it's probably because i've been browsing through tons of online shops. ahahaha. So, here's how to cheat the SNSD look.

Here she's wearing a power shoulder dress, mesh leggings and gladiators??? (are they considered gladiators??)

So here's what we found:
Zipper puffy sleeve for Rm 49 from my vintage garden

or alternatively this would look great as well:
Shoulder pad lace dress from an old flame (who have a great new layout btw. a must see) for Rm 59

And for the leggings we think these lace leggings from the october would look really nice with the dresses. Going for rm 38.

and finally to complete the look, SHOES:

Le clothes PO has a great collection of shoes that would look great with the whole look.

Jessica is wearing a sequined tank top, blazer and metallic pants and a similar shoe as Tiffany.

And the online equivalent:
We decided that a longer top or in this case dress would be much more appropriate for us non celebrities. and plus not everyone is blessed with a tummy as flat as jessica. hehe. From Dainty little blog shop.

Glossy stars leggings from black milk project (they actually have a wide range of leggings. all very tempting)

or alternatively
this liquid metal trouser-leggings from an old flame Rm 49
Since these aren't actually leggings but pants you can even wear them with shorter tops.

And finally to complete the Jessica look, satin trimmed cropped blazer from pebbles. currently on sale and going for only Rm 35. A steal.

make the t shirts from here

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